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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 24, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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and the windchills in the 30s, and look at the systems i have been tracking on storm 4 ri dar and the weak systems to the north and the west of us surrounding the west of chicago, and that is what is going to be making our way eastward and making its way right through our area producing the light snow and that is it, folks. we are not talking about the big weather systems here, but the next few weak systems and cold air. looking at 5:00 a.m., there it is around ohio and watch it as we move through the early part of the day tomorrow, and the 7:00 and then 8:00 and 9:00 and look at at around fauquier and lovittsville, and more snow coming our way. as i said, it is cold out there. and high temperature yesterday was 64, and today, we have temperatures in the 40s, but a gusty wind, and the windchill readings have gone from 64 to 30
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and 38 degrees across the area, but wait until you see the temperatures for the rest of the week, and we will see that as well as another chance of snow coming up wednesday. >> and now for a horrible accident and a mother is fighting for her life after being hit by a dump truck, and it happened outside of nottingham school. chris gordon just filed this report. >> reporter: this happened around 9:00 a.m. on knnothing h school. it scraped the side of a minivan and a mother was standing beside the van at the time, and her child inside. how serious are the injuries? >> right now, the injuries are serio serious. >> reporter: and the child? >> the child is safe. the child is with no sustain ed
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injure res at this point. >> reporter: the dump truck ripped the door right off of the van. and buses and cars were detoured around the school. as word spread, some parents who had children at the school gathered on the corner of nottingham street to see what had happened. they let their children stay for the entire school day once they realized that the students were not in anger. your daughter is a fourth gra grader? >> i feel like she is completely safe and secure in school. >> reporter: arlington police tell me that the driver of the dump truck stayed on the scene and he is cooperating in the investigation. in arlington, chris gordon, news4. >> and d.c. fire officials on the hot seat as they go before the city kocouncil to answer questions about quality of service. just last week a toddler had to be rushed to the hospital in a fire truck, because the ambulance was too far away, and that is just in a series of
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incident incidents that included the death of medric mills. he suffered a heart attack at a fire house, and nobody helped him. we will have more details at 5:00. we have learned that a woman killed insooide of a grocery an jewelry store in virginia is a new mother. police are asking for you to help identify three men who rushed in woodbridge and shot two women and left. kristin wright spoke to the store owner, and has the video that police wants everybody to see. >> reporter: marmarisol's co-workers still don't know what happened. they don't know if this is a targeted robbery or if the women were targeted. you can see this surveillance video with three men walking in out of frame and shoot two
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employ e yees, and then they leave. they don't take a thing, but they take a life. we have lerpd more about glenda marysol who was 21 and had an infant daughter. she had recently come here from el salvador. police don't have any solid leads, but they are still talking to people. kristin wright, news4. look at this daring rescue in the lake water of lake manassas. a man and his dogs were on a coo knew trip when the canoe flooded with water. the police department tried to get to them, but they could not e reach the boat, because of the icy conditions. but the coast guard was able to get to them and treat all three for hypothermia. the army will be shrinking to the smallest size in 70
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years. it is a plan to cut costs and reshape the military. steve handelsman is live with the stor y. >> first the numbers the u.s. army would shrink from 570,000 to 440,000 soldiers and more important politically, governor martin o'malley is already objecting to it. and the e reservists would drop from 560 to 530,000, and a couple of warplanes eliminated and most often not eliminated, but the whole deal here, pat, is that two wars are over, iraq and afghanistan almost over for the u.s., and there's a budget problem, frankly. and so the pentagon is going to shrink. if this plan goes through the obama-hagel plan is going to shrink to a level that the u.s.
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army has not seen since the beginning of world war ii, but it is not a done deal, because there are objections on both sides up here on capitol congre are trying to solve our budget problems on the back of the military families. the p.x. and other subsidies would get less, and so there would be more co-pays toer the insurance, and more allotments for the military housing would develo drop, so this is going to be controversial. chuck hagel said we have to do this and after it came up, one republican governor told the president privately, you asked for a lot less federal spending, and don't you start complaining about the pentagon cuts now. >> thank you, steve handelsman.
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federal workers will get another raise. and this afternoon, president obama will propose a pay hike for 2015. the federal government employees got a three straight years of pay freezes before a 1% this year increase. a man behind a notorious crime in montgomery county is shot and killed inside of an israeli prison. >> and those with the breast cancer gene having their ovaries removed by age
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you are watching new"news4 4". the pressure is on arizona's governor to veto a bill that
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allows businesses to refuse to serve gay and lesbian customers. arizona's chamber of commerce and industry is calling on governor jan brewer to stop that bill passed by state lawmakers. it would allow business owners with strong religious beliefs to refuse business to gays and lesbians, but state sensor ator said it could hurt business and those who originally voted for it have now rescinded. >> and jason collins signs with the brooklyn nets. >> and with that, jason collins and the new jersey nets made history becoming the first gay player in the professional league. it is the first time collins has played since last year when he played with the wizards. and the winter games if in sochi are over and now brazil are in the spotlight, and early concerns of whether that country
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will be ready when the games come through. and why some doctors believe that pregnant mothers should stay a wai fr mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection. and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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in news4 your health now, new recommendations for women to cut their kacancer risk. as many as 1 in 400 women may have the gene linked to breast
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cancer which increases the risk to ovarian cancer. and as a new study suggests that they take action before the risk rises. >> reporter: this bedroom is now serving as a memorial. this is where they come to celebrate her life before she died of breast cancer at 32. >> it could have been me at 30 that got the news that i had breast cancer. >> that picture of us as kids. >> reporter: it is through katrina's diagnosis that her younger sister nicole learned they are carriers of the breast ka cancer genest she had both of her breasts removed, but holding out to have children has prevent ed her from removing her ovaries. but those with the braca gene is
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suggested to remove the ovaries and the fallopian tubes does help to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer and improves the chance of survival. >> and they had an equally the same risk for both breast and ovarian cancer. >> reporter: nicole has decided to set a age of 35 to have her ovaries removed. there are common over the counter pain reliever, and a
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study suggests that pregnant women who take acetaminophen may have a higher track of attention deficit disorder. most of the children of those women also had a greater chance of developing adhd by the time they were 8 years old. preparations for the next olympics in brazil are under way, but delayed by general concerns over whether the city can play host. bill neely reports from e rio. >> rio is the next olympic city, and its mayor can't wait. >> there is no place like rio. sglt the stadium to the opening ceremony is ready and most of the venues are not. the main olympic park is a
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building site. >> well, we can prove that we can deliver it on schedule and on time. >> reporter: and olympic officials say that rio hasn't a day to wait. and this is a mayor in the h hurry. >> i guarantee you that the games will be ready and on time. >> 100%? >> 100%. >> reporter: but rio has a dark side. they have been struggling against the drug gangs that rule the neighborhood. they patrol aggressively before the games. and the olympic officials will will be keeping the pressure on e rio, and only 894 days to go before the next opening ceremony. >> it is coming. >> and so is snow. i have put the shovel away and not too far though. >> well, with this event, the two events that are coming up, and two small events, you won't need the shovel and it is a small event for us, but it coul
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forecast here, outside a lovely day and we have sunshine and also a gusty wind today, and a huge change in the temperatures from this past weekend, and remember yesterday, it was so mild that we had a high of 64. well, now we are seeing another piece of the swirling polar air north of the arctic that is going to snap, and we will see colder temperatures. most of which comes to the end of the week. and so tha is what caught us up, and we felt like we were in the 30s for the rest of the afternoon. >> and now scanning the area, at 46 degrees, chilly conditions with that sunshine, and it is cold by 9:00 and 36 and then close to freezing by 11:00 p.m., and the dry conditions, and yes, outside, close to the freezing
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mark and cold enough for future snow. at 7:00 a.m., you can see nothing there but cloud cover, but you see the bubbles and the white areas, that is snow coming in at 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. so you folks at culpepper, and warrenton, you will be seeing the light snow and the same in fredrick and lees burlg, s tom morning, it should have temperatures going up so it should not lead to messy roads. the next event is at 7:00 p.m. tuesday late and into wednesday morning. right now the issue that i think that in terms of the area roads and slick and slippery is early wednesday morning around warrenton and leesburg and fredrick, and west of d.c., 97 where there could also be some slippery spots early on the morning wednesday.
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this is a look at the storm team 4 forecast, we are high at 36 tomorrow, and then 32 for wednesday. we have a 70% chance of snow wednesday. in terms of the snow looking at for wednesday, again, a very light snow event for us with little accumulation. and yes, some delays are possible. we have even lower temperatures coming our way for the mornings thursday and friday and when i return later in the newscast, we will show you the area wide morning temperatures that you can expect on thursday and friday. >> all right. thank you. new developments that will impact people looking to get health care coverage in maryland. scott has more from the lye div desk. >> yes, in is making enrollment so difficult online lately. last night the maryland benefit exchange voted to fire the i.t. contractor, meridian health care
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solutions. the company says that the hardware crashed just as the software was launching, and they say that the problem is ongoing. and other problems at the federal health care site coming on board, and they are hoping to make the transition as easily as possible. open enrollment is march 31st, and that is the latest at the live desk. i'm scott mcfarland. and it is a longer wait for people to ride the silver line and why the line is not ready to be hande metro. and
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you are going to endanger our client. the nice lady who paid for the dog? >> no, there is a slim chance for survivor. >> and hollywood is remembering harold are ramis as a comedy legend. the actor and director passed away in his home in the chicago area. he is best thoen for the role in "ghost busters" we he co-wrote and starred in. he co-wrote national lampoon's "animal house" and "caddie shys
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and "groundhog day. ". and tonight, amy poehler will be seth myers' first guest as he takes the reins. you can see the big debut on nbc4 tonight after fallon. and now, alec baldwin says he is leaving public life and going west. and joining was the cel celebrity buzz is billy bush. so, why is alec baldwin writing that he is done living in the big city and being in the public eye, and is this going to last? >> well, we have heard a number of times. he has moved to canada and shutdown the twitter account, and relaunches, and e yet, if you want to get away from new york and the public life, los angeles? well, i can tell you that it is not the quietest of places. north dakota, miami, and
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wyoming, and something else, but look, he just gets furious, and he has had enough of the mea, and he says that somehow through his actions of protecting the family, he has been turned into a homophobe, and he never said the f-word to the photographer that people think that he did when you slow down the tape. he's mad, but he always gets, you know, combustible as it is, and cko come pes tuous. and he says won't and then a half hour later, his wife hilaria tweets a picture of and says that it is for their daughter. it is going to be difficult for him. and i hope it does blow over, because he is entertain iing. >> yes, we all like him. we wanted to the ask you about the "real house lives" but
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we understand breaking news about robin thicke. >> yes, there have been pictures with the lady and the people in this town have always understood that it is a nice understanding or forgiving situation, and they have been together since he was 14 and she was 15 and walked up to her in an all-ages club, and asked her the dance and been r married since 2005 and they have a almost 4-year-old son, but they are splitting. they say they love each other, and best friends, but they are going their separate ways. if you saw it coming, good, but sad, because both of them are very nice people. >> what is up on "access" tonight? >> knee deep in baldwin, and brook sharpei was blindsided with "dancing with the stars" and pink slipped her and gave it to erin andrews, and all of the latest with paula patton and alec baldwin.
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the defense that her attorneys are using as she faces a charge of drunk driving. and the unanswered questions of a man after a notorious crime in montgomery county is shot and this is a map of the pressure points on my feet.
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i have flat feet. i learned where the stress was at the dr.scholl's foot mapping center. then i got my number, which matched the custom fit orthotic inserts with the right support. find your closest foot mapping center at i'm a believ.
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hello, everyone, i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm pat lawson news. and right now, a woman is in the hospital with serious injury injuries after being hit by a dump truck. it happened outside of nottingham elementary when she was putting her child in the minivan when the dump truck sideswiped her. the dump truck driver remained
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at the scene and cooperating with the authorities. today, we learned that a woman killed inside of a grocery and jewelry store in woodbridge, virginia, with was a new mother. marysol cocoa rivera died. three men came in and shot two women, and left. police would like you to look at the surveillance video and help them identify the suspects. and now chuck hagel is asking for major cuts to the army. the proposal would reduce the size of the army to about 450,000 troops. and there are currently about 520,000. 1% raises will still take effect, through but there would be changes to the benefits, and the budget requires congressional approval. and now positive starts to the new trading week. the dow jones and the nasdaq were up, and the s&p 500 closed behind the all-time high. later this week, investors will get several economic reports
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including the u.s. fourth quarter gdp. and the man e behind one of the most shocking cases in montgomery county is dead. samuel shane vine is dead after firing on guards in tel aviv. back in 1997, he was 17, and he murdered 19-year-old alfredo tejo and dismembered his body in the garage and he was midway through a 24-year sentence when he was killed. investigators are trying to figure out how shane vine got the gun into the prison and the motive. >> but the attorney apparently warned them that something was about to happen. and garant vincent has more from tel aviv. >> shortly after lunchtime yesterday, he barricaded himself into the jail, and started shooting and managed to hit two prison guards and wound iing tw
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of them seriously and the incident was brought to an end when a special forces team got to the jail and shot him dead. he was in jail in israel, because when he was 17 years old and living in the united states he murdered a teenaged acquaintance and then he fled to israel where where he qualified for citizenship through his father, and he was trail tried an jailed here. there was a huge diplomatic rout between israel and the ud because israel failed to extradite him. i spoke to the attorney this morning, and she said that about an hour before the shooting started she got a call from shane vine, and he called to say good-bye, and she should make arrangements for his burial and she called the jail and said something bad is about to happen. but there are allegations that this whole event had not happened if the prison officials
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had acted more quickly on the warning they had e received. we have just gotten word that the funeral is set for friday for jane seeman and the long time mayor of vienna who died of cancer. she was appoint ed ed to the to council to fill her husband's position when he died in 1996. she ran for re-election twice, and won. in 2000 she won the mayor's job and has been re-elected ever since. >> she is a beautiful and nice and very personal lady and great personality, and always thought about the people and took her job seriously. >> it is a huge loss for vienna as far as somebody who put so much into insuring that vienna remained the great place that it is. >> vienna's vice mayor will fill the job until someone is
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appointed to fill the position which ends in june. visiting hours are tomorrow from 1:00 to 4:00 and 6:00 to 8:00 at the money & king funeral home in vienna. service s wi services will be at 2:00 friday. and we are learning about the difference of ideas of the management of the silver line as to what is ready and what is not. adam tuss has more on this soon to be opened section in tyson corner. >> you can see that things are coming together, and you can see the tyson station corner here, and it seems that the stations are ready to go, but come over here because it is not ready yet. you have the metro pylon, and the chain lin-link fence, and t barbed wire up top, and the
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busstop here that is ready to go, but the project is not ready to go yet. when is the last time that you heard about it? >> it is supposed to be opened soon. >> reporter: it is delayed again. >> it does not surprise me. >> reporter: why not? >> because it was supposed to open in december and then february and i'm not sure when it will open. >> reporter: back here at the tyson corner, at the metro station, and so when, when will you ride the silver line in northern virginia from tyson to reston? hear more about that coming up next hour at 5:00. in tyson's corner, adam tuss, news4. parking just got a little bit easier in bethesda, and a couple of hours ago, the city inserted the smart meters. they take debit and credit cards and coins. 100 meters with were installed on kor dedell and wisconsin avenues. the smart meters will come to
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silver spring and weeden. >> we will check in with veronica johnson. >> we will see snow around the area, and after a mild er is ba. around gaithersburg and germantown, and 46 in dulles, and 33 around college park and camp springs is what it feels like. and now for the hourly forecast, there is going to be snow as early as 9:00 or 10:00 a.m., and we will see the snow around the area. and there are some snow showers around the eaeeaareas, and some temperatures around the area with wind. what we will have is the temperatures rise manage the mid-30s which is melting, and i'm not concerned about what we may get. and it is 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m., and early wednesday morning and the roads are slick,
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and show you what areas may be of concern early wednesday morning coming up in a few. >> thank you, veronica. we have dramatic video after a bird crashes into a plane's windshield. and the pilot managed to keep his cool. >> and the target and the neiman marcus data breaches capture
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kerry kennedy's drunk driving case we again in new york. she said she was sleep driving. she was arrested in 2012 and her lawyer said she took a sleeping pill instead of her thyroid medication, and the prosecutors said that if she took it, she still disobeyed the law by not stopping when she felt drowsy. she is the daughter of the late robert f. kennedy. two men have been arrested in the murder of a college student in norfolk over the weekend. 20-year-old paul johnson, a student at old dominion university was walking along the campus sunday when he was hit in the head and died at the hospital. 21-year-old david grim, jr. of triangle is charge d with
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second-degree murder. christopher chase johnson of odbridge is charge d with misdemeanor assault, and they are not students at old dominion, and witnesses said they heard arguing before the killing. and what type of security do you have on your phone? and plus, water went shooting 60 feet into the air. and veronica, snow coming and you have given us the time line timeline. >> yes, we will have a chance of snow tuesday and wednesday and yes, more polar air, and wait until you see how low the temperatures will drop.
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a pilot in florida capturing terrifying moments in the air. his windshield exploded and when you see the video slowed down, you can see the bird flying into the windshield suffering cuts and shock, he still managed to land safely. there is a new move to inform consumers about the data breaches like the ones at target and neiman marcus.
4:46 pm
attorney general eric holder is wanting a national standard and consumers should be notified immediately if their personal information is compromised, that way the consumers can take steps quickly. it also mean s ths that the law enforcement can investigate crimes thoroughly and hold the companies liable when they fail to keep sensitive information safe. and apple is looking at a major security issue that could allow the hackers to get into your iphones. it is one of the topics liz crenshaw is going to kocover theday. >> thank you, both. if you use your ipad or iphone in a p public a area, your information may have been hacked. while apple says that the security problem happened or when it was discovered, it says that the bug could allow the hackers to see your e-mail and the banking information passwords and all of the
4:47 pm
information, and the uses are vulnerable if they are on an unsecured wireless connection like coffee shop or airport. apple has come up with a fix, and if you the ios 7 software on the phone, make sure you update to the latest version of software. >> and remember those cases of the smelly washing machines when consumers were complaining of mold and mildew smells coming w out of the new front loading machines. today, the supreme court said that those actions against the manufacturers of the washing machines can be argued. the manufacturers said they were different and could not qualify as a class action in the smelly machines. but the supreme court rejected that, and so there are millions of consumers who could sue under
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a class action saying that the design flaw causes that musty and moldy odor. >> and keep scrubbing with bleach inside of the rubber seal. >> yes. >> thank you, liz. >> tonight, a delaware company is recalling 16 varieties of cheese, because of listeria c contamination, and one death and several illnesses are linked to the cheese. it was produced by rue's food in wisconsin. the products were distributed in virginia, maryland and d.c. drugstore health clinics are a convenient and popular place to take kids when they come down with a sore throat, but now doctors saying that families should not go to those places but go to a pediatrician,
4:49 pm
because they believe they see children from birth to 21 and older, and so we have an understanding of that child and that family dynamics. >> right now, 20% of the patients at the cvs minute clinics are between 18 months, and 18 years old. a representative of cvs says that the minute clinic is playing a role in the child's care and it does not replace your pediatrician. >> after the weekend weather, i put up the coats aped the hats. >> yes, a number of people walking around without a jacket, but by the end of the week, the if you don't like it cold, you will need to pull out the heavy, heavy coat, because that is what you will need by the end of the week. this is a drama-filled type winter with the ups and the downs and the snow, and out there today, we have a quiet day with the high temperature, and
4:50 pm
today, topping out around 47 or 48 degrees, but folks, the cold will be winning out now over the next couple of days. let me show you the pattern of the mild air getting squashed southward and a jet stream and the upper level winds take charge and go through the deep south, and another wave of storm pressure is making its way by, and we are talking about the threat of the snow showers, and the snow showers are not based on the snowt at all, but the snow showers for tuesday and wednesday. right now, the storm threat is low on the storms, and snowshowers mainly light. so it is a nuisance type system, and any time period that we would have to worry anymore is early wednesday morning, and some spotty delays through annapolis, and fredrick and leesburg, and hagerstown and winchester, and i-71, and 270 and northern sections of i-95
4:51 pm
and 96, and there may be a handful of delays because of the slick conditions. we have two systems coming in, one on tuesday and one wednesday. any time around 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., we have the best chances of snow. and then another event tuesday night into wednesday morning. and again, light precipitation and few delays wednesday morning. and then we top out at 40 degrees for the high temperature, and well below the average of 50, and then that cold air, and that polar air is going to hit us. right now, coming up on friday, the morning low temperature, and 16 degrees on friday, folks sfod that is it. around maryland, there is 13 to start in germantown, and 10 in leesburg, and 12 in cull ppeppe and yes, back to the heavy
4:52 pm
weather, and snow in the morning with the high temperature of 42 and starting off in the colder weak systems, and then monday of next week, 36 is the high, and we will watch this system as we have snow coming to the area next week as well. yes, it was an epic competition in last week's scripts spelling bee. the two went toe to toe for 56 consecutive rounds before the officials ran out of words, and they had to declare a tie, because there can only be one regional winner to represent missouri and the national competition here in d.c. in may. the two of them will have to face-off again next month in a tie-bre tie-breaker. quite a round. a carbon monoxide leak inside of a restaurant kills one and sickens others bs, but the
4:53 pm
restaurant owner wants to change because of the strategy. >> one was a chef and worked for sam's club and one of them was named employee of the month. more about the triple murder in capital heights. i'm pat collins with
4:54 pm
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and all of the sudden,
4:56 pm
people in dayton, ohio, are w wondering if it is divine intervention or dumb luck. a man was working on his bus when he was stabbed in the arm by a guy and then he notice ed that he had a bible tucked in his shirt pocket, and it seemed that it deflected the bullets meant for his chest and probably saved his life. >> there is obviously some kind of intervention involved in this incident, because he probably should not be here. >> the bus driver is now recover ing in the hospital, and he is expected to be okay. a single car crash created a mess on a southern california roadway. look at the geyser shooting water several stories high after a car sheered a fire hydrant and this is kahoga park.
4:57 pm
and there was a carbon monoxide leak that kill ed ted owner and sickened two other people. as was the law, he was not required to have a carbon monoxide detector, but this is a call for all businesses. ida siegal has more on how the community is coping with the loss. >> reporter: the doors of legal seafoods seafoods are closed. >> it is a loss. >> and ceo roger berkowitz sending condolences to the 55-year-old general manager steven nelson who was killed in the basement after a carbon monoxide leak. plates and glasses left in place, and the fire department
4:58 pm
blames faulty heating equipment, but it may not have mattered much if the restaurant had a r carbon monoxide detector, which it did not. >> and you don't think of having one nor is it code to have one in the commercial setting, and so this has to raise awareness. >> reporter: om half a states require it for restaurants, and that is a revelation for many diners. >> scary. absolutely scary. i would absolutely advocate for that to be in place. >> reporter: and many first responders didn't know they were being poisoned initially, and they said in hindsight if they had gotten there later, it would have been worse. >> and if we had been five minutes later, we could have had more fatalities on our hands, and thank god, that didn't happen. >> we have checked in with the restaurants in our area, and we learned that restaurants in
4:59 pm
virginia are not required to have carbon monoxide detectors, but all new buildings in maryland including dorms and e hotels must have the co detectors. right now, a mother fighting for her life after she was hit by a dump truck outside of an elementary school. and d.c. families tell the city leaders that their family members died because the city failed to act. and tonight, a personal story of the young mother who was killed. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm pat lawson muse in for jim handly. after a gorgeous weekend, the wind is whipping up out there and bringing winter back. >> and we are talking about the serious winter, and cold tomorrow tomorrows and yes, a little snow. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson is with the latest on that. >> yes, guys, the nice weather we had over the weekend was too good to be true and could not
5:00 pm
last, right? well, the temperatures in the past weekend were 60s, but today, it is 30s, but the mercury will be dropping more, and it will be leading up to two small events. you can see the snow south of chicago, and a weak system zipping out along and bringing the snow showers to the area as early as, watch this, 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, and the points to the south of us around warrenton, and lakeridge and quantico, and what happens after 9:00 in the morning? well, you have to watch my next forecast, and i will tell you in a couple of minutes how much we could get and the event on tuesday and wednesday. that is in a few. >> all right. a dump truck driving through a school zone in arlington struck and seriously injured a woman as she was tending to the child outside of the minivan. this happened on nottingham


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